Who knew that four little words could be packed with so much emotion! “I think I’m pregnant.” Wow, that is a lot to take in. If your partner has just made that announcement, you both have a lot to think about. Because you are such an important part of the equation, we want to help you process your next steps.

Questions You May Be Afraid To Ask

Right now, she’s probably in panic mode and you are just trying to sort through her recent statement. Whether in denial or fear, you have some questions you would really like to ask.

  • Is she really pregnant?
  • Am I really the father?
  • What am I supposed to do now?

Suggestions For What To Do

Often, when women discover an unplanned pregnancy, they wish their partners would speak up, offer advice, and show some understanding. After all, you are responsible for 50% of the situation. Here are a few suggestions we recommend you follow:

  • Don’t just say, “Do whatever you want.” No one should have to make this decision on their own. Work through it together.
  • Verify the pregnancy with her. Make an appointment at Alpha PRC to have her get a free pregnancy test.
  • A free ultrasound at Alpha will tell you the date of conception and if the pregnancy is viable. Although that won’t answer the paternity question, you will know whether you were together at that time.
  • Discuss your options openly and honestly with a client advocate. Ask questions like, “How do I feel about abortion?” “What do I think about making an adoption plan?” “Do we think we could co-parent?” By talking through every option, you will be confident in your final decision.
  • Do not pressure her.

Meet With Us

Although you may not be dealing with the physical aspects of pregnancy, you are experiencing some emotional feelings. Let’s face it, you are a father. Ultimately, you and your partner will have to decide what is best. The choices you make now will be for you both, for the rest of your lives.

Make an appointment with a client advocate today. We can sit down, discuss your current life situation, your future hopes and dreams, and map out a plan that’s best for everyone. You two don’t have to do this alone.