Adoption is an option you may want to consider for your unplanned pregnancy. As the birthmother, you make all the decisions about the adopting couple, the type of home life you would like for your child, and how much contact you would like to have in the future. Like everything, adoption has its pros and cons. If you would like to discuss adoption with one of our client advocates, please give us a call!

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Often, a woman immediately thinks she is incapable of parenting on her own. However, with our help and a number of other community resources, parenting independently is possible! We will work with you to determine the support, education, referrals, and assistance you need in order to parent successfully. Let’s talk about the possibility of parenting.

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If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering abortion. Often, women think abortion is their only option. Abortion is a serious medical procedure and we want you to have the facts before you make a decision. Contact us. A client advocate will be more than happy to go over procedures, side effects, and answer your questions. It costs nothing to talk!

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Fear and a lack of finances may be the main reasons leading you to question if you can parent, but we have a number of community resources that can help you. Plus, we will be here from the beginning of your parenting journey to guide and encourage you. We are your support group. We are the ones who will answer your questions, cheer on your successes, and work with you when you’re struggling. At Alpha PRC, it costs nothing to sit and talk through your options.